Aleksandr Volanski


"The quintessence of his art is fundamental principles that permeate everything that allows us to look at what is happening outside the framework of human doing and translate it into the category of "non-doing", which makes it possible to shift the life events of observers to the next level."

In short

The artist began his career with street graffiti in 2005 and still uses streets to communicate with the environment. He uses knowledge about the influence of perception and perceived things as an instrumental component. He studies the principles of optical illusions, colors, shapes, neurophysiology and archetypal symbols. At the moment, he is actively exploring the field of art therapy.


Volanski comprehends the material world in the concept of panpsychism and believes that any object is important in the general game. His new pieces are literally alive - this is an amazing mixture of moving compositions, built on the principles of optical illusions, special types of paint, as well as dynamic light sources.


The artist’s inner circle regularly experiences the effects of his paintings and how they are embedded in the construct of their everyday life, thereby creating new vectors of cause and effect relationships. This enables buyers of paintings to avoid what could happen or vice versa to help coordinate the flow of perception, that is, lead to new actions and situations. Often paintings are symbols, the meaning of which is revealed after a certain time, especially when the acquisition takes place within the ordinary framework of the contemporary art market. His pieces are in private collections in Russia, Holland, Hungary, Austria, and Israel.

Dissenting opinion

«As I see it, my art is to become part of important subjective/objective processes, both for people and situations. It makes no difference to me whether my pieces go to the galleries or in the attic. The bottom line is that there is a purpose for each object, no matter how long the object is hidden. At the right moment, even the surviving piece of the picture will be able to show much more and play a more significant role for the person than the picture known to the whole world. This approach creates invaluable art and gives meaning to my work.»

Participation in exhibitions

Personal exhibitions:
2009 - Wild Inspiration, Tower Gallery, St. Petersburg (exhibition with the participation of Kepson)
2016 - Bass movement. Barbados St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings as part of the SLPVL project)
2016 - Exhibition SLPVL, LES Bar St. Petersburg
2016 - “Absolute abstractionism”, Wine Loft “Do Immigration”, “Outhouse” St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings as part of the SLPVL project)
2017 - “New Abstracts”, Laundry 40, St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings in the framework of the SLPVL project)
2019 - Personal exhibition "Personalism", Tsiferburg, Golitsyn Loft, St. Petersburg
2019 - STEREO (ft. Denis Lyuty), Stirka 40, St. Petersburg

Collective exhibitions and projects:
2007 - “Snickers urbania” St. Petersburg (extreme festival - graffiti nomination)
2007 - "Art flea market" St. Petersburg (artists)
2008 - “The streets of the N-city” St. Petersburg. Museum of Urban Sculpture (street art festival, artist)
2011 - “Night of the Museums” The State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan Republic Kazan (exhibition of paintings)
2013 - “Unnamed” Barcode club St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2014 - Contour Family Opening St. Petersburg (graffiti artists, live performance)
2014 - Lomonosova22 St. Petersburg (design, drawing)
2015 - Loft project "Floors" St. Petersburg (wall design, art)
2015 - Yucca Snow Park, St. Petersburg (wall design, art)
2016 - SKIF XX [Sergey Kuryokhin Festival] St. Petersburg (Discussion participants, broadcast on contemporary art)
2017 - Undeground Fashion Night 2017 St. Petersburg (Graffiti Performance)
2017 - 3’Oclock. Poldnik Rave St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2017 - “Edge” Festival of Contemporary Art. Griboedov Club, St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings, graffiti performance)
2017 - “Fresh Dipt” Street Culture Festival - LOFT FLOORS St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings, graffiti performance)
2017 - “Palace Coup - Palace of Princess Yusupova” Festival of Contemporary Art. St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2017 - Art auction "Deshovka" St. Petersburg (auction)
2017 - Art-Wall Vyborg (live graffiti performance)
2018 - Urban Culture Festival (UCF) St. Petersburg (live graffiti performance)
2018 - State of sleep Gallery "In the fold" St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2018 - Baltic space, boarding house Baltiets, St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2018 - Art Parish, Kotelnaya, St. Petersburg (exhibition of paintings)
2018 - VOSTOK, street art festival (Moscow)
2018 - POSTGRAPHITY Berthold Center (St. Petersburg)
2018 - POSTGRAPHITY 2 Lovely loft (Moscow)
2018 - WIN WIN ART (International Festival of Registration of Objects of Social Importance) Pension ZARYA, Artists
2018 - Art auction Cheap, Nico Bar St. Petersburg
2019 - Victory of the Sun over the Black Square, Gallery “In the fold” St. Petersburg
2019 - Art is not Artificially, "In the Pool" Gallery St. Petersburg
2019 - Art Market, The Toward Gallery, St. Petersburg
2019 - Art auction in Ryazan, Ryazan
2019 - Atoms and Numbers, Gallery "In the fold" St. Petersburg
2019 - TreasureHere, Masts, St. Petersburg
2019 - SCEPTIC, JOSH, St. Petersburg
2019 - The Birth of Minevras, Griboedov, St. Petersburg

Curatorial projects:
2015 - Youth Week, Komi Republic, (graffiti artists, urban design, a master class at the Youth House)
2018 - St. Petersburg underground 1 St. Petersburg (exhibition on the street)
2018 - St. Petersburg underground 2 St. Petersburg (exhibition on the street)
2018 - Contemporary Art Store, The Toward Gallery, St. Petersburg
2019 - Contemporary Art Store, Gastro-bar "Creativity" St. Petersburg
2019 - "Untitled" Gallery "Squishy" St. Petersburg
2019 - The first abstract congress of abstract abstractionists. Gallery "In the fold" St. Petersburg
2019 - Art Marathon, Festival of Contemporary Art, Gallery "In the fold" St. Petersburg
2019 - The reality of image management, LOFT DK, St. Petersburg
2019 - Enfant Terrible x INSIDE, BLANK club, St. Petersburg (exhibition organization)
2019 - VAPORWAVE AUCTION, Diskette Lounge, St. Petersburg