LO-FI photo collection SE T610

Camera: Mobile phone Sony Ericcson T610 (since 2003)

CIF camera (0.1 Mpx), 352x288px
Source file format: JPEG

This collection has a special charm thanks to the old mobile phone Sony Ericcson T610. This is a real lo-fi artifact that creates spectacular JPEG artifacts in photos. The peculiarity of the photos of this device is in its contrasting color effects-dots that appear in the most contrasting places. In some photographs, you can see the inversion of the lens on very bright objects. Photos are like paintings. When shooting at night, light sources tend to spill with plastic light with smooth outlines.

I found this phone in a rented apartment where I lived for only 3 months. During this time, I managed to take about 100 amazing photos. With gratitude, I left this device in its true place. Perhaps someone else will create something beautiful with it. Connoisseurs of such aesthetics will appreciate the collection.

NFT collection "610" (OBJKT) https://objkt.com/collection/KT1M4RuppG7ePmQhWNPgCP1xdWpwLiSyW4H3