Meta Well-Being [NFT]

Handcrafted (Human+Ai), exclusive and powerfull
The "Meta Well-Being" collection is manifesto my life concept, what i received thanks to empirical and existential experience.

88 arts (png 999x999px) Its all sees you

In art, I since 2005, but in NFT and crypto art recently. For me, this collection is an experiment, since most of this works are gift. The experiment is interest. How can work "meta-well-being" if I give unique objects of the art as a gift. I will give to random collectors, but only after check with their collections. I will be guided by my subjective opinion about the NFT collectors. Is there a metaphysical meta there?

If you return to the topic of a life concept, then it will be familiar to many of you: everything around you its only you. We are one consciousness. There is nothing around you and no one except you and at the same time all this exists for you. Do what I would like to get back and what you would like to see around yourself and what you would like for your loved ones.
It sounds simple, but knowledgeable people will say that when this information comes to you the game is becoming more interesting. Over time, I will support other creators with the corresponding mood and will try to create an endless circle of well-being!

If you are a collector or creator and want to find answers to the most important questions, email me to Telegram: @metavolanski